Tatar on Maraş issue

09 08 2019 12:16

Prime Minister Ersin Tatar evaluated the latest developments during a program he attended on Güneş TV.
Evaluating the opening on the closed city of Maraş, the Premier said “we brought forward the opening of Maraş under Turkish administration but not the return of Maraş. Our proposal received huge support both from the public and the Turkish government.”
Stating that lawsuits were brought to the European Court of Human Rights on Maraş as the region is closed and the previous owners cannot go to their properties, Tatar said “because of this they demand compensation. Since the area is within the TRNC borders, through government initiative and contact with the UN officials we will help those who want to return back to or sell their properties.”
Noting that if the previous owners apply to the Immovable Property Commission then the commission following an evaluation would return their properties, he said “those who want to return to or sell their properties they would with this opening. We will also be relieved from the compensation problem.”
Stating that Maraş was inter-bedded with Gazimağusa and that its opening will bring a new living space to the TRNC, the Premier said “with the opening of Maraş the TRNC will have a new potential in the field of tourism.”


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