PM Tatar gives interview to BRT

23 09 2019 13:14

Prime Minister Ersin Tatar has said that his government was against a fait accompli on the Cyprus Problem.
Speaking in an interview to BRT this morning, the Prime Minister said that pressure was being made to start a new negotiations process but that they had not been informed at which point the Turkish Cypriot side will be giving into these pressures.
He said that discussions where held on the Guterres Framework, scrapping Turkey’s guarantees and other issues, any of which they could not accept.
“Moreover, even the Greek Cypriot side has not accepted most aspects. In other words we haven’t received a clear reply on issues such as a rotational presidency and political equality,” he said.
Pointing out that President Akıncı was criticizing the Greek Cypriot leader Nicos Anastasiades, Tatar said, “Anastasiades is not even accepting the notion of political equality which we and Akıncı accept”.
He said that he was fine with this issue being discussed but expressed his disapproval for launching a new negotiations process.
Tatar repeated his earlier remarks that there was no need to enter into a new adventure on the Cyprus Problem.
“You never know what might be discussed at the negotiating table and that would weaken your hand,” he said.
Tatar also argued that the Guterres Framework will take the Turkish Cypriot people to conditions prior to 1960.”
“In the 1960 partnership Republic each community elected its own leader. Now there is this idea of cross-voting. There is fixing everything to a population ratio of 4:1. In the end we won’t be having two states, we will be having two entities,” he said.
The Prime Minister said that the current conditions dictated the need to talk about sovereign equality not political equality.
He added that the north’s structure had grown stronger in the past 45 years since 1974.
“Whether you accept it or not we have two states in Cyprus. It is not possible to ignore this fact when conducting any new negotiations,” Tatar said.


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