PM Tatar defends ARMA model

01 06 2020 13:13

Prime Minister Ersin Tatar on Sunday defended the ARMA model, the infrastructure and real sector financial cooperation instrument included in the Financial and Economic Cooperation Agreement signed with Turkey on May 26.

He said the model will allow funds allocated from Turkey to the TRNC to be used more effectively.

Tatar said that a similar model was used in projects being financed by the European Union (EU), adding that it was out of the question for Turkey to dictate anything or for the TRNC government to be left out of the decision-making process.

The Prime Minister’s remarks came following several reports that the TRNC government would not have a say on how the money from Turkey will be used.

“The arrangements being made are for the benefit of the Turkish Cypriot people,” he said.

Prime Minister Tatar explained that previously grant money allocated by Turkey was not being used because no projects were being drafted.

“Most of the time the money allocated was not spent because of the absence of projects. In other times the flow of money stopped before the project could be completed. The ARMA model will prevent all these issues,” he said.

Tatar explained that the various ministries will be preparing projects and submitting them to the Finance Ministry.

The ministry will then collect all the projects and submit them to the head of TRNC Technical Delegation for assessment and evaluation.

Once the delegation which will include representatives from the relevant ministries completes its assessment and approves the projects, the projects will be presented to the Development and Cooperation Office at the Turkish Embassy in Lefkoşa.

The reports will be finally sent to Turkey’s Cyprus Affairs Coordination Office and the Office of the Turkish Vice President for approval.

“The goal of the model is to raise the prosperity and happiness of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. To distort the facts will not be in the interest of the Turkish Cypriot people,” he added.


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