Number of remains at Lefkoşa site rises to 11

05 09 2015 13:06

The discovery of 5 more human skeletons and the remains of combat as well as civilian attire has raised the number of remains of missing persons discovered in excavations carried out near the central prison in Lefkoşa to 11.

The Turkish Cypriot Member of the Committee Gülden Plümer Küçük said that the archaeologists will continue digging until they decide when to stop.

She said that most of the skeletons discovered belonged to soldiers but they also believed that there had been civilians amongst the buried.

Pointing out that not all of the remains found belonged to soldiers, Küçük said that the skeletons had yet to be identified before anymore information could be released.

She however explained that she would be available to provide information to the press once details started to come in.

Speaking at a joint press conference yesterday with her Greek Cypriot counterpart, Küçük said that speculative reports in the press whilst excavation work continued disturbed relatives of the missing.

She said that everyone had the responsibility of acting sensitively on the issue.

Asked as to how many people could be lying in the grave, Küçük said “we believe around 42 to 50 people could be lying there but they were brought in two separate trucks. They may not be all buried there. Half of them could be buried elsewhere.”

Küçük confirmed earlier this week that the site was where several dozen Greek Cypriot soldiers killed in fighting and clashes in 1974 had been buried.

She said that the Greek Cypriot soldiers, who had been collected by Turkish Cypriot forces in two trucks, had been buried in a mass grave after the Greek Cypriot authorities had failed to receive them at the Ledra Palace checkpoint.


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