Health Ministry revises decisions

07 07 2020 13:00


The Health Ministry announced on Monday that the July 1, 2020 decision on entries was revised in order to overcome some legal loopholes.

In the decisions taken by the Ministry, countries were categorized according to their risk groups and that entry rules were re-defined according to the country of each category.

Those arriving from Category A countries will have to present a negative PCR test carried out in the last 72 hours prior to arrival and will not have to go into quarantine.

Those who don’t have PCR tests will have to have one upon entry and enter quarantine until the test results are announced.

They will be charged €45 Euros for quarantine and will need to pay ₺300 for a PCR test.

Those who are travelling from countries that fall under Category B will until the July 8 have to provide a negative PCR test no older than 72 hours and will then have to undergo a second PCR test upon arrival to the country.

They are also required to self-isolate wherever they are staying.

Inspections will be carried out by the authorities and legal action will be enforced against those who do not abide by the rules.

Those travelling from countries that fall under category C will have to remain under quarantine for 14-days under states supervision.


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