CTP slams GC parties for rejecting Akıncı’s proposal

17 07 2019 11:44


The Republican Turkish Party (CTP) slammed the Greek Cypriot political parties for rejecting President Akıncı’s proposal to set up a joint committee on hydrocarbons.

Expressing its disappointment over the rejection of Akıncı’s proposal with a written statement on Tuesday; the CTP drew attention to the threats of escalating tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean.

All actors in the region, including the Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots will be harmed from the possible outbreak of conflict, the statement warned.

The CTP said that the Greek Cypriot side must cease its hydrocarbon activities if it really wants to focus on a solution process, as it claims.

“The Turkish Cypriot side’s proposal for a joint committee on hydrocarbons aims to settle the issue without leaving room for tension. The argument put forward by the Greek Cypriot side that the proposal was a distraction from the essence of the Cyprus Problem and need for immediate resumption of substantive negotiations is not a valid one. If the Greek Cypriot side truly wants to focus on a solution process it must cease hydrocarbon activities and must heed to the UN Secretary-General’s call to prepare the grounds for the return to result-oriented negotiations which are not open-ended,” the statement read.

It also said that issues of political equality and effective participation in decision-making processes must be included in any such process.

The CTP said that it should not be forgotten that the natural resources around the island will not be effectively exploited as long as the Cyprus Problem remains unresolved.

“The sides need to act in dialogue to reduce tensions and must work together to find a joint formula on the issue,” the statement concluded.


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