Akıncı speaks at Socialist International

26 09 2019 13:24

President Mustafa Akıncı has warned that failure to reach a bizonal, bicommunal federal settlement based on the political equality of two constituent states will result in the permanent division on the island.
Akıncı was speaking yesterday at a meeting of the Socialist International in New York.
He pointed out that two important solution opportunities had been missed in the past.
Akıncı also explained to participants what effective participation in decision-making processes meant and why it was necessary to take decisions jointly in partnerships.
He complained that the Greek Cypriot side refused to accept political equality and effective participation.
The Greek Cypriot side is trying to distort and water down the June 30 Guterres Framework.
Akıncı reminded that both political equality and effective participation in decision-making which were past convergences had become UN parameters.
“Anastasiades has been giving different messages to different people at different times. His views changed from a two-state solution to a confederation, from a loose federation to a decentralised federation and from there to a parliamentary system with a rotational prime ministry leading to confusion,” he said.
Highlighting the need for clarity, Akıncı said that any new negotiations process could no longer be open-ended.
He said that such a process could not go on for 50 years, had to be results-oriented and had to be well defined.
On the issue of hydrocarbons, Akıncı acknowledged that both sides had rights over the island’s natural resources and added that three different approaches could be adopted on the issue.
“One of these alternatives is declaring a moratorium on drilling activities which was former Greek Cypriot Foreign Minister Rolandis’ proposal. The other alternative is co-managing the resources through a joint committee. The least desirable option is everyone conducting their own drilling activities. We prefer the co-management of these resources,” he said.


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