2019-2020 Judicial Year

16 09 2019 12:54

The new judicial year began today.
This year instead of a ceremony taking place a press conference was held to mark the beginning of the 2019-2020 Judicial Year.
The press conference was broadcast live on BRT from the High Judiciary Board Hall.
The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Narin Ferdi Şefik had announced earlier that the money used to organise the ceremony would be used to meet the needs of the courts.
Speaking during the press conference Chief Justice Narin Şefik said that there were a variety of problems hampering the judicial system but added that their greatest problem was due to the lack of proper buildings in all districts throughout the TRNC.
She said there are 312 personnel and 46 judges that are serving in the country and added that they needed to overcome staffing problems as well in order to better serve the people in the country.
Meanwhile Prime Minister Ersin Tatar has issued a message to mark the beginning of the new judicial year.
In his message the Premier touched upon the importance of the superiority of law and justice in the country and added that all contemporary and modern states are based on this.
“According to the first article in the constitution Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus state cannot be changed nor can changes be made to it. It is a secular state based on democracy, social justice and the superiority of law” said Tatar.
Noting that one of the major problems of the judicial was its work load the Prime Minister said that in order to overcome these problems there was a need for changes to be made to other articles in the constitution.
“Our government will do whatever is needed at this point to overcome the problems” said Tatar.
He added that it was their aim as the government for the problems to be overcome for the independence of judiciary, for the judiciary to be able to look at the cases that it receives without any problems as this is a significant duty.
Noting that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus was established thanks to the self sacrificing struggle waged by the Turkish Cypriot people and resembles the reliable future it is looking for, the Premier said that the Turkish Cypriot people will never succumb to the games that are being played so that the Turkish Cypriot people feel alienated from their state.


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