Visits paid to President Akıncı

19 01 2019 13:17


President Mustafa Akıncı received separately yesterday the French Ambassador to South Cyprus René Troccaz and the Chairman of the Association for Social Reform (OPEK) which operates in South Cyprus.

According to the Presidency’s press bureau the sensitivities of the Turkish Cypriot side, particularly on the issue of political equality was conveyed during the meetings.

Meanwhile, President Mustafa Akıncı also issued a statement in response to criticisms made against him regarding the absence of the TRNC and Turkish flag during some of the visits paid to him.

In a written statement yesterday, the President said that the habit of conducting cheap politics using the flag still continued.

He pointed out that the Turkish and TRNC flags were also not displayed during visits paid to him by the UN Secretary General’s Special Representative Elizabeth Spehar or the UN Secretary General’s Temporary Special Envoy Jane Holl Lute.

“This is not a new situation. This has been the practice even before my term in office. We have our flags flying on mast in front of the Presidency building which greets all those who come to visit this office. Then there are the removable flags we have indoors. They are removed or placed according to the character or nature of the meeting. As an ongoing practice dating before my term we do not impose symbols during visits of foreign dignitaries. We prefer to convey our views to those who come and visit us” he said.

The President also pointed out that the Presidency was the only place that foreign statesmen or representatives could visit despite the obstacles created by the Greek Cypriots.

He said that to offer the same treatment to the representatives of the few Greek Cypriot organisations that showed the courage to visit the TRNC Presidency despite the pressures not to do so was the right thing to do.

“Even if this was not done on their request” he added.

The President stated that those who chose to use this issue as an excuse to attack him and his administration were doing so intentionally.

“This is why I chose to issue a public statement on the matter” he added.



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